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Licensing Act 2003

Application Register

Papa John''s Pizza
Application Number205616
Address472-476 Ashley Road
BH14 0AD
Late Night Refreshment
Monday - 23:00 to 01:00
Tuesday - 23:00 to 01:00
Wednesday - 23:00 to 01:00
Thursday - 23:00 to 01:00
Friday - 23:00 to 05:00
Saturday - 23:00 to 05:00
Sunday - 23:00 to 05:00
Provision of late night refreshments will take place indoors.

Further details for provision of late night refreshments.. this shop currently serves from 11:00 to 23:00 Monday to Sunday we intend to increase the timing to 1:00am from Monday to Thursday and until 5AM on Friday, Saturday and sunday there will be no changes to the shops day to day operations

Adult Entertainment
Please highlight any adult entertainment or services, activities, other entertainment or matters ancillary to the use of the club premises that may give rise to concern in respect of children.. Preimses license to serve late night refreshment only.
General - all four licensing objectives.. Strong management controls and effective training of all staff so that they are aware of the premises licence and the requirements to meet the four licensing objectives. We promise to support these objectives through their operating schedules and other measures (including staff training and qualifications, policies, and strategic partnerships with other agencies). We have CCTV system installed with recording option available. We do not serve alcohol or sell alcohol at our premises We do not have a customer seating area or toilets in the premises. The food served is for take away or delivery only. We will strictly operate during the permitted hours and only licensable activities will be done during those hours. Fire safety Risk assessment will be carried out regularly. We will take appropriate measures to reduce the noise and do not let our operations effect our neighbours. We will take appropriate measures to ensure public safety.I do not believe our proposed opening hours and operations will harm children in any matter.
The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
Prevention of Crime & Disorder.. CCTV System installed to monitor entrances, exits, and other parts of the premises in order to address the prevention of crime objective. A clear and legible notice outside the premises indicating the normal hours under the terms of the premises licence during which licensable activities are permitted. As a late night refreshment premises, customer will not be sought by means of personal solicitation outside or in the vicinity of the premises. Prevention and vigilance in illegal drug use at the retail unit area. We do not serve or sell alcohol. The food is for take away only. There is no sitting arrangement or toilets for customers.
Public Safety
Public Safety. Internal and external lighting fixed to promote the public safety objective. Well trained staff adherence to environmental health requirements. A log book or recording system shall be kept upon the premises in which shall be entered particulars of inspections made; those required to be made by statute, and information compiled to comply with any public safety condition attached to the premises licence that requires the recording of such information. The log book shall be kept vailable for inspection when required by persons authorised by the Licensing Act 2003 or associated legislation. All parts of the premises and all fittings and apparatus therein, door fastenings and notices, lighting, heating, electrical, sanitary accommodation and other installations, will be maintained at all times in good order and in a safe condition. fire safety risk assessment has been completed on the premises and warning signs are displayed where needed, and required fire safety equipment is installed on the premises.
The prevention of public nuisance
Prevention of Public Nuisance. Prominent, clear and legible notices will be displayed at all exits requesting the public to respect the needs of nearby residents and to leave the premises and the area quietly. Deliveries of materials necessary for the operation of the business will be carried out at such a time or in such a manner as to prevent nuisance and disturbance to nearby residents. Our deliveries come between 7 am and 10 am only. We will ensure that staff who depart late at night when the business has ceased trading conduct themselves in such a manner to avoid causing disturbance to nearby residents. Customers will be asked not to stand around talking in the street outside the premises; and asked to leave the vicinity quickly and quietly. All our car drivers are aware that they should arrive and depart as quietly as possible, should not sound vehicle horns as a signal of their arrival or leave engines running unnecessarily. We do not have any bike drivers at the moment.The movement of bins and rubbish outside the premises will be kept to a minimum after 10.30 pm. This will help to reduce the levels of noise produced by the premises. Bright lights on or outside the premises will be positioned and screened in such a way so as to not cause a disturbance to nearby reside Adequate waste receptacles for use by customers will be provided in the local vicinity
The protection of children from harm
Protection of Children from Harm. It is our assessment that our late night opening hours does not harm the children in any way as we do not conduct adult entertainment. Also we do not sell or serve alcohol. We do not provide sitting area or toilets for customers