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Licensing Act 2003

Application Register

Application Number204861
Address22 Haven Road
BH13 7LP
Supply of Alcohol
Friday - 09:00 to 00:00
Saturday - 09:00 to 00:00
Sunday - 09:00 to 15:00
Alcohol will be consumed on the premises.

Non standard timings for the supply of alcohol.. NYE - 15:00 to 02:00

The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
Prevention of Crime & Disorder.. C.C.T.V ? A C.C.T.V. system will be installed and will be working to the satisfaction of Dorset Police and the Licensing Authority. ? C.C.T.V. images will be maintained for an appropriate period of time to be agreed with Dorset Police and the Licensing Authority. An appropriate data protection and retention policy will be formulated pursuant to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 (as amended). ? If the C.C.T.V equipment fails, Dorset Police and the Licensing Authority will be informed promptly by telephone and immediate steps will be taken to put the equipment back into working order. ? A notice will be displayed at the entrance to the premises advising that C.C.T.V. is in operation. Bottles and Glasses ? Customers carrying open or sealed glass bottles from outside of the premises will not be permitted to the premises at any time. ? Customers will not be permitted to take open containers of alcohol from the premises. ? All bottles and glasses are to be removed from public areas as soon as the contents have been drunk or are empty. ? Bottle bins for collection or empty bottles will not be accessible to members of the public. Capacity Limits ? The premises will have a capacity limit of 200 to prevent overcrowding which could lead to crime and disorder. ? Staff are to be made aware of the capacity limit and instructed to continually monitor capacity at all times to ensure that the capacity limit is not exceeded. Proof of Age ? A proof of age policy will be formulated and agreed with Dorset Police and the Licensing Authority. This policy will include a ''Challenge 21'' requirement, in that valid photographic ID will be required for the sale of alcohol to persons who appear to staff members to be below the age of 21 years'' old. Drinks Promotions ? All-inclusive or other irresponsible drinks promotions will not be permitted. Drugs ? An anti-drugs policy will be agreed following discussion with Dorset Police and the Licensing Authority and will be in line with the Safer Clubbing Guidance published by the Home Office. ? Dorset Police will be notified of all incidences involving the possession or use of controlled drugs upon the premises. Notices ? Crime prevention notices will be displayed warning customers of the possibility of crime which may target them, e.g. ''Bags should not be left unattended''.
Public Safety
Public Safety. Fire Safety ? A suitable Fire Risk Assessment has been conducted at the premises and necessary control measures implemented. ? All exit doors are easily operable without the use of a key, card, code, or similar means. ? Exit doors are regularly checked to ensure that they function satisfactorily. Records of exit door checks are kept and are available on request. ? All fire doors are maintained unobstructed and effectively self- closing and will not be held open other than with approved devices. ? Curtains, hangings and temporary decorations are located so as not to obstruct exits, fire safety signs or fire-fighting equipment. ? Fire drill and emergency lighting tests are conducted monthly. Records of these tests are available on request. ? All fire exits and means of escape are signed in accordance with BS5499: Part 1: Specification for Fire Safety Signs : 1990. ? An evacuation policy will be put in place to the satisfaction of Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue. All staff members will be familiar with the fire and emergency evacuation procedures. ? In the absence of adequate daylight suitable and sufficient artificial lighting is provided and maintained in any area accessible to the public. ? Fire safety signs are adequately illuminated. Disabled People ? Adequate arrangements exist to enable the safe movement within the premises of disabled people and their safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. First Aid ? Adequate and appropriate First Aid equipment and materials are available on the premises. Safety Certificates ? The premises have either a current and satisfactory National Inspection Council (for) Electrical Installation Contracting (N.I.C.E.1.C.) or Electrical Contractors Association (E.C.A.) periodic electrical installation report. An inspection is carried out every 5 years and a new report will be obtained each time. ? The premises have a current Council (for) Registered Gas Installers (C.O.R.G.1.) certificate of inspection in respect of any gas boiler, calorifier or appliance. An inspection is carried out every 5 years and a new report obtained each time. ? The premises have current and suitable Public liability Insurance in the sum of 5 million. A certificate will be obtained each year and displayed at the premises. ? The premises have current certificates of inspection for all portable fire fighting equipment. An inspection is carried out every 5 years and new certificates will be obtained at these intervals. General ? Free drinking water will be available at all times when the premises is open to the public. ? A complete no smoking policy will operate within the enclosed spaces within premises.
The prevention of public nuisance
Prevention of Public Nuisance. Noise and Vibration ? Noise or vibration from the premises will be maintained at a level that will not be audible at the facade of any neighbouring noise sensitive premises. ? All windows are double glazed to minimise the breakout of noise. ? Prominent, clear and legible notices are displayed at all exits requesting patrons to respect the needs of local residents and to leave the premises and the area quietly. ? The use of explosives, pyrotechnics and fireworks of a similar nature which could cause disturbance in surrounding areas is not permitted. ? Disposal of empty bottles into waste receptacles outside the premises will not be permitted to take place between the hours of 23:00 hrs and 07:00 hrs to minimise disturbance to nearby occupiers. ? For the final hours of opening any music is reduced in volume and is discernibly quieter. ? The playing of live or recorded music in outside areas of the premises is not permitted after 23:00hrs. Noxious Smells ? Refuse receptacles are cleaned with disinfectant at least monthly. Light Pollution ? Flashing, bright, or flood lights used outside the premises and will not be operated so as to cause a nuisance to nearby occupiers. ? All external lighting, including floodlighting, is directed away from adjacent occupiers. Litter ? The premises has a waste collection contract with BCP Council who remove waste.
The protection of children from harm
Protection of Children from Harm. General ? The premises has clear signs displayed for restricting people under 18 years from consuming alcohol on the premises. ? The premises operates a proof of age policy which complies with the British Beer & Pub Association''s ''Challenge 21'' scheme.