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Licensing Act 2003

Application Register

Barrack Retail Park
Application Number203257
AddressBarrack Road
BH23 2AW
Late Night Refreshment
Monday - 23:00-05:00
Tuesday - 23:00-05:00
Wednesday - 23:00-05:00
Thursday - 23:00-05:00
Friday - 23:00-05:00
Saturday - 23:00-05:00
Sunday - 23:00-05:00
Provision of late night refreshments will take place indoors.

Provision of late night refreshments will take place outdoors.

General - all four licensing objectives.. This restaurant understands that in extending our opening hours we have a duty to the local community and that we continue to protect our staff and customers from danger and harm. We believe that the systems we have in place are robust, thorough and will, as far as reasonably practicable, secure the promotion of the four licensing objectives. It should be noted that no McDonald?s restaurant within the United Kingdom serves alcohol and further none of our drinks or food are served to customers in glass receptacles. We are eager to work in partnership with all responsible authorities to ensure the promotion of the four licensing objectives. We also seek to work with the local communities, whom we serve, in achieving a successful cohesion between our business operations and our neighbours.
The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
Prevention of Crime & Disorder.. This restaurant is keen to work in partnership with the local police service to prevent crime and disorder. CCTV McDonald?s operates a robust CCTV Policy to ensure compliance with Data Protection Legislation and to assist the Police with the prevention and detection of crime. At all stores where CCTV is in operation appropriate signage reflecting this information is displayed. McDonald?s operate digital motion activated CCTV systems where images are retained on a hard drive system. All CCTV equipment is of a standard suitable to record images of a proper quality, it meets the industry standard and has LGC Forensics or Kalagate Certification. As part of the digital system an alarm will sound if the equipment is faulty or not recording, thereby alerting management for the need to intervene. The CCTV system is regularly serviced by qualified maintenance technicians. Access to the CCTV system will be provided to Police Officers at their request. Staffsafe A Staffsafe? system with both audio and visual monitoring capability will be installed in the restaurant, this system, can be Queen?s Printer and Controller of HMSO 2009 Continued from previous page... activated by either fixed or mobile panic buttons. Once activated the system links the restaurant to an external monitoring centre capable of intervening to resolve crime and disorder issues and/or provide the appropriate advice or instruction to support and protect the restaurant?s staff and customers. At this restaurant all shift managers have safety and security training; including Maybo SIA accredited Conflict Management Training.
Public Safety
Public Safety. This restaurant is keen to work in partnership with the local Fire Service and Environmental Health Officer to ensure public safety. This restaurant has safety systems in place to protect the safety of customers and staff at all times (such as Staffsafe). We work with the local Environmental Health Office and local Fire Service to ensure we are complying, as far as reasonably practicable, with relevant Health and Safety and Fire Safety Legislation. This restaurant is also subject to inspections from our own safety and security teams to ensure our systems are being maintained. All of our restaurant staff receive comprehensive safety training to ensure that safe working methods are adopted and all staff are trained on the restaurant?s evacuation procedure in the event of a fire or other dangerous occurrence. This store operates a "No Open Alcohol Containers" policy to prevent persons carrying open alcohol into the in-store area.
The prevention of public nuisance
Prevention of Public Nuisance. Litter McDonald''s were the first company in our sector to introduce litter patrols in the early 1980''s. McDonald''s is committed to carry out litter patrols collecting both McDonald?s packaging and any other litter that has been carelessly discarded. We are happy to act on recommendations from the Environmental Health Officer should they feel that we should extend our patrol to a nearby area, as far as this is reasonably practicable. All of McDonald?s packaging displays the "Bin It" symbol to encourage our customers to deal with their waste responsibly. Further details regarding McDonald?s commitment to reducing waste and litter nuisance can be found at the "Our World" section of the McDonald?s website: Noise Where it is practical to do so we are content to put measures in place to limit noise. All McDonald?s restaurant doors are self-closing and we try to encourage our customers to be considerate to our neighbours and to limit noise both when ordering their food and on leaving the local area.
The protection of children from harm
Protection of Children from Harm McDonald''s do not anticipate that unaccompanied children will use the restaurant in the extended hour''s period covered by this licensing application. We do however take their safety extremely seriously and will continue to employ the same practices to ensure that they are protected from harm at all times when visiting the restaurant.