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Licensing Act 2003

Application Register

Shaka Surf T/a Dogmasters UK
Application Number196635
AddressBranksome Dene Chine Beach
BH13 6LP
Live Music
Performance of live music will take place outdoors.

Further details for the performance of live music.. Noise Management Plan There will be amplified music from the PA system at the main stage, as this is a family friendly event levels will not be loud, however, levels will be checked every hour to ensure that the music levels do not exceed 65dB(A) over a 15-minute period when measured at the boundary of any noise sensitive premises. Neighbouring beach huts will be notified of the event via the BCP seafront?s Beach Hut Team, offered free entry to the event and a contact number of the Event Manager for any noise related issues. There are no residents within the vicinity of the site therefore no residents letter will be issued. Southern Entertainment Services will be controlling and monitoring the noise levels throughout the event. The Speakers ordination will be directed towards to sea.

Recorded Music
Saturday - 10:00 to 22:00
Playing of recorded music will take place outdoors.

Further details for the playing of recorded music.. Between the live music, there will be background music and commentary for dog competition.

Activity like Music / Dance
Saturday - 10:00 to 18:00

Supply of Alcohol
Saturday - 10:00 to 22:00
Alcohol will be consumed on the premises.

General - all four licensing objectives.. Shaka Surf, t/a Dogmasters wish to apply for a premises license to BCP council, with the intent of running the event, under this premises license year on year.. We will license the whole site, and not drinks will be allowed in/out of the premises license area.. The Licensee DPS for the event will be Marianne Brown, with over 25 years? experience of managing high volume outside Licensed events and festivals, with a personal license. Plus, Gino McCarthy, with a personal license will be always on the bar throughout the event.. There will be one bar within the perimeter of the site, which we will have SIA security manning when the event is open to the public.. Plastic glasses will be used at the bar. Where a drink is in a bottle and this is not plastic, the contents into a plastic glass.
The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
Prevention of Crime & Disorder.. The event will be enclosed with fencing and always policed by SIA registered door staff.. No drinks will be permitted in or out of the enclosed event.. Throughout the duration of the event, we will have up to 3 (Three) SIA door staff.. We will also have up to 8 (eight) event stewards patrolling and monitoring the site.. Refusal logbooks will be completed and signed by a manager. There will be one book at event control and will be made available upon request to officers from the Licensing Authority, Trading Standards and Dorset Police.. An incident book will be completed for any incident that takes place at the event. The book will be made available upon request to officers from the Licensing Authority, Trading Standards and Dorset Police.. Any patrons displaying signs of drunkenness or use of drugs will be ejected from the event where it is safe to do so. Where anti-social behaviour is observed in connection with alcohol or drugs the patron will also be ejected when safe .. all retail of alcohol, we shall adopt the Challenge 25 policy and all bar staff shall be trained in Challenge 25 policy.. A notice advertising the Challenge 25 policy shall be prominently displayed at the bar.. We will have stewards regularly walking around the event, checking ID and ensuring no one under the legal age is drinking - any minor caught with alcohol will be asked to leave the event. (To be recorded in our incident/refusal book).. Food will be available for the duration of the event.
Public Safety
Public Safety. The license holder shall ensure that a health and safety risk assessment is submitted to the BCP Licensing Authority prior to holding the event.. Security will be at the bar area at al times, throughout the event.. Sufficient welfare provision will be made within the site to treat and ensure the safety of any vulnerable patrons in the premises.. An incident and accident book will be completed for any incident that takes place within the event. This will be located at event control.. The book will be made available upon request to officers from the Licensing Authority, Trading Standards and Dorset Police Adequate medical provision will be available in line with calculations and following a risk assessment carried out by the medical provider.. Event staff and volunteers will be engaged to ensure the event site is cleaned from waste throughout the event and returned to its previous condition.. No festival patrons will be permitted into the sea when the competition is in progress.
The prevention of public nuisance
Prevention of Public Nuisance. The event will be clearly sign posted for the customers to respect the residents living close to the event. All customers shall be advised by staff and SIA to leave quietly and without nuisance.. Toilet & Bin facilities will be available throughout the site.. The Event Director and the License will be always on site.
The protection of children from harm
Protection of Children from Harm. No admission for children under 18 will be able to enter or exit site, without being accompanied by an adult.. All children will be advised to wear a white wrist band with their parent?s telephone number on, to ensure children are found and return to them, as quickly as possible.. All age restricted sales training undertaken by staff members will be fully documented and recorded prior to being allowed to sell alcohol. All training records shall be made a vailable to Officers from the Licencing Authority including Trading Standards and Dorset Police.. The event will adopt a ''Challenge 25'' policy whereby any person attempting to buy alcohol who appears to be under 25 will be asked for photographic ID as proof of their age.. The only ID that will be accepted are valid passports and UK driving licences with a photograph or proof of age cards bearing the ''PASS'' mark hologram.. The list of approved ID may be amended or revised with the prior agreement of Dorset Police and the Licensing Authority without the need to amend the actual license.. A dediated medical team with DBS clearance and sufficient facilities for predicted welfare needs will be onsite during all operational hours.. The lost children point will be signposted widely across event, all event stewards, SIA security and stall holders will be briefed on lost children?s procedures.. There will be an event control centre as a central point for all stewards and security. This centre will also be the designated area for lost children.